Top 15 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a whopping 157 songs in its catalogue, spread over four seasons. 157! That is actually insane. From songs about finding bathrooms to accepting that medication that isn’t such a big deal, there’s something for every music fan hidden in the depths of the show. Rachel Bloom AKA Rebecca Bunch AKA the coolest girl in the world (and her creative team) do an incredible job of creating tongue-in-cheek and serious songs that cover a wide range of genres. Honestly, I don’t know how they did it, and hats off to them. I’m forever […]

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Why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ends in the most perfect way imaginable (Review)

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I do, I don’t want it to be over. I don’t, I do want it to be over. To clarify: CW’s comedy-singathon Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has come to an end, and I’m conflicted. (Spoilers ahoy, by the way, if the title alone didn’t give that away). On one hand, it’s better for a show to bow out before it grows stale and unwanted, before the plot gets too contrived and the writing takes a steep downward turn and you just chug through the episodes like some sort of masochistic chore just to get the end of […]

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