Zatanna deserves her own DC movie

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Zatanna: magician extraordinaire. With an apparel of magic up her sleeve, she’s an underappreciated DC hero. She’s complex, interesting and has awesome powers – so why hasn’t our girl got her own DC movie? We’ve had a million Batman movies, a slew of half-baked Superman films and a surprisingly wonderful Wonder Woman flick. Now that DC’s laid some groundwork, I think it’s high time they showed the Mistress of Magic some big screen love. Who is Zatanna? A badass witch bitch, that’s who! She was a stage illusionist first, then discovered her actual magical abilities […]

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An inside look at the Haus of Gaga in Las Vegas

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Ten years ago, Gaga said she’d love to have a museum featuring all of the outfits and tech from her shows. Ten years later, that dream became a reality. I touched down in Las Vegas on the 27th. By the 29th, I got a Twitter notification (I’ve got Gaga alters turned on, duh), saying that Gaga was opening up something called the ‘Haus of Gaga’ for the very first time. Imagine my excitement! Not only was I going to see the Queen of Pop perform the next day, but I’d be one of the first […]

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When I first heard of just under a decade ago, I thought it was nothing more than some weird online radio station. No thanks, I thought, stuffing in my headphones connected to my neon blue iPod nano and proceeding to listen to Two Door Cinema Club on an endless loop. Little did I know that was a decision I’d live to regret almost ten year later.   See, what my naive self didn’t know way back then was that is a way to track your musical statistics. Your most played tracks, your top […]

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Why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ends in the most perfect way imaginable (Review)

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I do, I don’t want it to be over. I don’t, I do want it to be over. To clarify: CW’s comedy-singathon Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has come to an end, and I’m conflicted. (Spoilers ahoy, by the way, if the title alone didn’t give that away). On one hand, it’s better for a show to bow out before it grows stale and unwanted, before the plot gets too contrived and the writing takes a steep downward turn and you just chug through the episodes like some sort of masochistic chore just to get the end of […]

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What exactly is a Netflix Original?

what is a netflix original?

The term ‘Netflix Original’ may, at first glance, seem simple. Surely it’s a show that’s purely created for Netflix, right? Well… kind of. We’ve all seen the little Netflix Original tickets appearing at the start of TV shows; from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ to ‘House of Cards’, but sometimes you’re left scratching your head, thinking I swear I saw this show on Hulu the other month. When that’s the case, how can the title be an original? Well, to put it simply, shows with the Netflix Original sticker attached to them are ones that have been […]

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Taylor Swift’s most underrated songs

Taylor Swift underrated songs Red All Too Well song meanings reputation

We all know Taylor Swift’s smash hits, from the sweet girl-next-door styled ‘Love Story’ to the venom-infused ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, and, unless you were living under a rock in 2014, chances are you were probably humming ‘Shake It Off’ for a solid month. With ‘Lover’ just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look back at Swift’s biggest hits.   Despite the issues with her reputation (see what I did there?), or what you may think of her as a person, Swift is the perfect guilty pleasure for any pop lover. […]

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7 hidden Netflix tricks you need to know

How to remove shows from Netflix continue watching how to remove shows from Netflix watch list

Let’s face it, Netflix isn’t the most customisable of apps. Your watchlist never seems to be in the same place, you’ve still got the credits of that one movie you watched three months ago hogging up your continue watching queue, and for the eighth time you do NOT want to watch The Crown, no matter how many times you recommend it. Thankfully, there are ways around the annoying Netflix habits; and Screen Streams is here to give you the insider scoop on how to get your account looking sleek and sharp, customised exactly the way […]

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