‘Joker’ gives us a look at the man behind the make-up

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I know, I know. Another ‘Joker’ review. We all need one of those, right? Especially when the internet is choked full of think pieces on mental health and violence and yadayadayada… But hey, y’know what? Deal with it, because ‘Joker’ really is that good. And it’s worth talking about. With an unforgettable performance from Joaquin Phoenix, fantastical direction from Todd Phillips and a dazzling script, ‘Joker’ isn’t your standard villain origin story, not by any stretch of the imagination…   *Just a heads up, there’s gonna be spoilers ahead*   When we found out there […]

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‘A Star Is Born’: One Year On…

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Monsters, can you believe it’s been an entire year since ‘A Star Is Born’ was released?! Time flies when you’re listening to a multi-time Grammy winner, apparently. Incase you’ve been living under a rock, the third reiteration of ‘A Star Is Born’ features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as lovers – with Bradley’s character Jackson Maine – country superstar – dealing with alcoholism, while Lady Gaga’s character Ally deals with going from dive-bar singer to full-on musical mogul. If you haven’t seen it yet… What have you been doing with your life? The film is […]

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‘AHS: 1984’: 5 theories about the slasher season

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‘American Horror Story’ is back, and this time it’s taking us to Camp Redwood, a summer camp in 1984. Focusing on gritty, slasher horror movies of the 80s, the first episode managed to capture the balance of 80s glam and sultry horror perfectly, leaning on tried and tested tropes to give us a familiar story. But is something… stranger going on? I mean, this is ‘American Horror Story’, after all. We’ve had aliens in Asylum and witches at the end of the world, rapist ghosts in Murder House and a meta-twist in Roanoke. Is this […]

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Disney’s most underrated characters

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We all know our Elsas from our Ariels, our Prince Erics from our Flynn Riders. But what about the unsung heroes of our childhoods? The little critters, hiding away in the background, often helping our heroes achieve their goals are just as important as our Princess pals. Disney would feel pretty empty without its sidekicks; so here at Screen Streams I thought I’d show them some much needed love.   The Wardrobe / Beauty and the Beast   I mean, just look at her! I wish I could crush all of my enemies like that, […]

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Top 15 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a whopping 157 songs in its catalogue, spread over four seasons. 157! That is actually insane. From songs about finding bathrooms to accepting that medication that isn’t such a big deal, there’s something for every music fan hidden in the depths of the show. Rachel Bloom AKA Rebecca Bunch AKA the coolest girl in the world (and her creative team) do an incredible job of creating tongue-in-cheek and serious songs that cover a wide range of genres. Honestly, I don’t know how they did it, and hats off to them. I’m forever […]

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Zatanna deserves her own DC movie

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Zatanna: magician extraordinaire. With an apparel of magic up her sleeve, she’s an underappreciated DC hero. She’s complex, interesting and has awesome powers – so why hasn’t our girl got her own DC movie? We’ve had a million Batman movies, a slew of half-baked Superman films and a surprisingly wonderful Wonder Woman flick. Now that DC’s laid some groundwork, I think it’s high time they showed the Mistress of Magic some big screen love. Who is Zatanna? A badass witch bitch, that’s who! She was a stage illusionist first, then discovered her actual magical abilities […]

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Nancy Wheeler is the best character in Stranger Things and that’s that

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Having just finished watching Season 3 of ‘Stranger Things’, I came to a sudden, world-altering realisation: Nancy’s my fave character. Sure, Eleven is awesome, with her badass superpowers and naivety about the 80s world. Hopper is like everyone’s grumpy uncle, so you can’t help but love him. Steve has awesome hair and is the Mom of the Year, so naturally I love him. But Nancy, dear, sweet badass take-no-shit Nancy, is the true heart stealer of the show. Obvs, they’ll be scoops spoilers ahoy ahead, so you’ve been warned. So, where are we at with […]

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Stranger Things Season 3 gets… stranger (Series Review)

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It’s 1985. ‘Back to the Future’ is in cinemas, Coke have just launched a new drink, malls are popping up across America… and the ‘Stranger Things’ gang are back for their third outing. Does it live up to its first two seasons, which were lavished with 80s glam with a dash of classic horror? Not quite. But it’s not far off. (Note: This review will contain spoilers for all seasons of ‘Stranger Things’. If you haven’t caught up yet, take a trip to Hawkins, and then get back to me). The plot is… kinda basic […]

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Why Bethenny Frankel is the boss of The Real Housewives

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Bethenny Frankel is an absolute boss, there’s no denying it. She’s a savvy business woman, a fierce friend and an even fiercer enemy. As she says in one of her ‘RHONY’ taglines, “if you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me.” Truer words have never been spoken. With Season 11 of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ having come to an end, it’s only fitting that we look back at some of Bethenny’s finest (er – I guess it depends on how you look at it) moments. With her confirming that she’s not […]

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2: Everything we know

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The Umbrella Academy burst onto our screens earlier this year with a bizarre blend of black comedy, sci fi and drama – focusing on a dysfunctional group of misfit superheroes attempting to battle the impending apolocalypse. There’s time travel, robots and childhood trauma in heaps, and I, for one, loved it. If you haven’t given the show a chance, check it out. It’s delightfully dark, with a sharp script and characters that’ll stick with you long after the 10 episodes have finished. With that in mind, they’ll be plenty of spoilers for season one ahead, […]

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