‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ will bring magic into your life (Book Review)

Good Vibes Good Life Book Review Blog Vex King Law of Attraction tips law of vibration book review book blogger

‘Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self Love is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness’ is the full title. A little bit of a mouthful? Sure. But is it helpful? Most definitely.

‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ (as I’ll be calling it, I ain’t typing all of that out time and time again) blazes through an array of topics in its short little run, touching on the law of attraction, self-acceptance, earning cash, achieving your dreams and dealing with hardships at a break-neck pace.

I picked this little book up on a whim, originally intending to give it as a birthday present as a little glimmer of positivity. When it arrived, though, and I skimmed over the promising blurb, I just couldn’t help myself. After promising that I’d read more books in 2020and wanting to focus on self-improvement – I began to delve in and turn the pages.

If you’re already a fan of the law of attraction (as I am), ‘Good Vibes’ won’t offer you anything groundbreaking. It doesn’t preach anything new exactly, only reinforcing what I already knew. But it’s good to have the ideals of manifestation, positivity and gratitude reinforced.


Good Vibes Good Life Book Review Blog Vex King Law of Attraction tips law of vibration book review book blogger


If you aren’t familiar with the law of attraction, however, it might not be the best place to start. I’d definitely recommend this book – the writing style and the message it preaches is fantastic! – but just do a bit of research before jumping in. Otherwise, the spiritual essence of the book, one that’s rooted deep in its ink, may put you off.

Maybe it’s because I devoured the lil’ book over the course of just a couple of days, but ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ seemed to jump from topic to topic rather quickly. Going from self-love to confidence to money-making vibes and back again left me feeling as though I had a bit of reading-based whiplash; but in the most positive way possible. I wanted to drink down the message of the book and wash myself in its wake.

Author Vex King uses a mix of personal-based tales and spiritual advice to preach a message of self-love, one that will, eventually, lead you on your path to success. His writing style is light and easy – a feat that is quite impressive considering the rather wafty topic he discusses. It would’ve been quite easy for King to slip into a wordy monologue about self-improvement, but he keeps it clean, simple, and easy to digest.

He scatters quotes throughout his chapters, taking up the entire page, filled with messages on how to be kinder to yourself. Whether its detailing how to deal with toxic people or how to start bringing your dreams to fruition, they’re nice little page-breakers from the rest of the text.

King litters his work with references to scientific journals, other well-respected books, mixed with real-life examples, both of the personal calibre of that which details celebrities’ various success stories. It’s a solid basis to deliver the law of vibration – something that many would scoff at – by etching it firmly in reality. Vex does little to convince you of his spirituality, he doesn’t beg for you to see the world as he does, he merely offers up his own perceived reality and asks you to accept it as fact. As someone who vibrates on a similar level, I lapped it up.


Good Vibes Good Life Book Review Blog Vex King Law of Attraction tips law of vibration book review book blogger


He also doesn’t present this book as a miracle cure to everything wrong in your life. He states that action is required on your part to change your life and raise your vibration, and that includes eating well, exercising, discovering what resonates with your soul and, perhaps most importantly, reading the signs from the universe. All stuff I can (in theory) get behind. Let’s go do this, and live out our best lives!

My only complaint with ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’, is that I wish it went a little deeper. I feel like it merely scratches the surface of the topics it explores, and I was left wanting more, wanting it to leave a stronger, life-altering impression on me.

In Vex’s defence, however, this isn’t the sort of book you only read once – or as quickly as I did. You let it sit with you, resonate you. Pick out favourite quotes and read them over and over until you feel the words seep in. I’ve even dog-eared my favourite chapter (part five: manifesting goals: mind work) – something I’ll work on time and time again until it erupts into a glorious reality.

At its core, the self-help book does what it says on the tin: it teaches you how to love yourself in order to achieve your dreams. It could have gone deeper sure, but this book has the ability to bring a little splash of much-needed positivity on a deep, primal level, one that resonates in the depths of your soul.

If you’re a logical-minded, cynical person with little desire to change, I’d give this book a miss. However, if you’re looking to improve the way you talk to yourself, and take steps to go and chase your dreams, ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ is the self-help book for you.

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Do you guys have any recommendations for self-help/law of attraction books to tackle? Next up on my list is ‘The Magic’ (which I’m super fuckin’ stoked for), but I’d love to hear any recommendations in the comments!

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  1. Oh I’ve been looking to buy this book for so long now. I’ve heard so many good reviews. I’m currently reading the Fearne Cotton self-help books. I’m loving them so far and would definitely recommend.

  2. If you couldn’t tell… I loved it 😂
    Oh fantastic – I remember hearing good times about Calm, I’ll be sure to add them to my list! I’m aiming to read as many self-help books as I possibly can this year. Its all got to go in my subconscious somewhere, right?

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