About that time I got Spider-Man to sign a bag of Uncle Ben’s rice…

Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man Premiere Uncle Ben's Rice

It was six years ago. The day before ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ premiere in London, which me and my best friend were due to attend. We were sat sinking in a few beers in central London, when I suddenly piped up with: “how funny would it be if I gave Andrew Garfield a bag of Uncle Ben’s to sign?”

Maybe it was the beer talking. Maybe it was the lack of sleep I was experiencing due to the relentless pursuit of a studying for a degree. Wherever the idea came from, it was a stroke of genius.

We woke up bright and sparkling (I’m lying, we woke up a bit hungover, our alarm set to the Muses from ‘Hercules’ screeching us awake at 6am), ready to venture to Leicester Square to hopefully gain a glimpse of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Bag of Uncle Ben’s rice already bought, sitting tight in my bag, I didn’t think I’d actually get him to sign it. But, alas, I did.

We waited in the square from about 8am, sitting on the concrete and watching them build the event around us. Rolling out the red carpet, amassing the stage, doing sound-checks. It was my second movie premiere (the first was ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, where I camped out for two nights), and I was buzzing! We met some great people in the queue, some of which had flown over from America, and generally spent the day laughing and quoting ‘Frozen’ (it was a relatively new movie back then, okay?).


Emma Stone The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Gwen Stacey


The stars were mere metres away, being interviewed by various global networks. Garfield stood about six feet away from us, where we kept yelling “yoo-hoo!” (again, another ‘Frozen’ quote), in a bid to get his attention. It worked! He kept glancing over and waving during his interview. Sorry, Yahoo! news.

Anyway, we were front row at the barrier, surrounded by people donning Spidey-masks and makeup. Bag of rice in hand, I waited until Andrew Garfield made his way towards us. I handed him my bag of rice, suddenly feeling ridiculously foolish. Spider-Man frowned a little, before comprehension dawned across his face. He laughed, tucked it in his jacket, and said: “Well, it is my brand!” and walked off, jokingly. He came back, handed me the bag, and continued to sign more… normal things.

So there we have it. The time I reminded Spider-Man of his deceased uncle. Oops, sorry, Spidey. Hopefully it spiced up the monotony of signing mask after mask for the young actor, though!

Due to the cruel hands of time, his signature eventually faded from the packet of instant rice (sigh), so I took it down from its rightful place on my bedroom wall and left it to sit in my box of memories. But hey, I’ll always have the photograph of the day I made Andrew Garfield laugh, so that’s pretty damn cool.

The rest of the premiere was fab, too! Getting Emma Stone’s autograph, seeing the stars dazzle down the carpet. Ugh, take me back!

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise will forever be my favourite out of the Spidey films. Sorry, not sorry. I’m going to be writing a post about why Garfield is my favourite, so be sure to follow me on Twitter or turn on notifications for updates!

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