Twinnie’s debut album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ is a lil slice of country joy

Twinnie Hollywood Gypsy Album Review download mp3 free Twinnie country music

Finally – Twinnie has dropped her debut album, ‘Hollywood Gypsy’! Ever since I heard the whiskey-infused ‘Better When I’m Drunk’ an entire year ago, I’ve been dying to hear what else Twinnie had up her sleeve, and the country-pop starlet didn’t disappoint.

Opening with ‘Type of Girl’, an infectious pop bop with a distinct country twang echoing throughout, Twinnie makes the tone of the record very clear: tongue-in-cheek, joyous and love-dazed. She tackles themes of romance, unrequited love and identity throughout the 12-track record, all with a sly little wink.

Throughout the entirety of ‘Hollywood Gypsy’, Twinnie’s voice is dripping with that sweet, sweet country twang, somewhere in between Shania Twain and old school Taylor Swift; yet spinning it in her own unique way. Despite being British, Twinnie’s enunciation of certain words in the album gives it a little bit of spice.

The tracks released as singles are, unsurprisingly, the highlights. ‘Type of Girl’, ‘Better When I’m Drunk’ and ‘Social Babies’ are immediate earworms, and tracks you wanna hit repeat on as soon as they’ve finished. But Twinnie has a few more surprises up her sleeve. ‘Daddy Issues’ is perhaps my favourite off the record. From the distant ringing of bells in the depths of production to the pained vocals of the singer, it’s an upbeat track tackling difficult issues.


Twinnie Hollywood Gypsy Album Review download mp3 free Twinnie country music


Twinnie’s lyrics are another highlight of ‘Hollywood Gypsy’. From the tongue-in-cheek “put a filter on for my guy / ’cause you know it looks better in Lo-Fi” (ironically criticising the obsession with social media whilst owning up to joining in with that very same behaviour), to the heart-breaking “always something missing, are we broke from the start? / It’s a familiar feeling for a damaged heart”, there’s a level of depth mixed in with the timeless persona Twinnie’s wrapped around herself. And it makes for a brilliant album.

Twinnie plays the role of a timeless classic trapped in a modern age. She’s the ageless, beautiful movie star – warped and whacked on Instagram and Spotify. She’s self-aware, intriguing, and, most importantly, dripping in talent. And she deserves to shine.


Twinnie Hollywood Gypsy Album Review download mp3 free Twinnie country music


Listening to ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ is like jumping in an old camper van with the ex-‘Hollyoaks’ star, journeying with her across the States and leaving of slew of ex-lovers in your drunken wake. It’s just what is needed during this lockdown, and an album you can bet I’ll be listening to on repeat for some time to come.

‘Hollywood Gypsy’ fulfilled my appetite for country music. Ever since Taylor Swift turned pop, The Band Perry went all experimental, and I binged the entirety of ‘Nashville’ in a month or two, there’s been a country-sized hole missing from my heart. Twinnie has filled that void, and then some. She’s doing something completely different from her contemporaries, and she soars because of it.

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