‘The Good Place’ is over and I have a lot of feelings

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Everything is most definitely not fine! ‘The Good Place’ is over, and the series finale felt as though it ripped out a part of my heart, tore it into tiny, little pieces and stomped it into the ground.

I mean, how am I meant to get through my working week without having a binge-sesh of ‘The Good Place’ to look forward to at the end of the day? With that said, at least the show ended on a high note. I’d rather a show came to a graceful end and bowed out on a high note (ala ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’) then drag on for seasons and seasons and seasons (looking at you, ‘Pretty Little Liars’…)


**There’s gonna be ‘Good Place’ spoilers ahead, duh. Go ask your local Janet to play the series finale and then come back here if you haven’t seen the ending yet**


But I digress. For those of you out of the loop, the show ended with the group finally arriving at the Good Place – as they so rightly deserve! After seasons and seasons and seasons of them trying to escape Hell, to reform the entire afterlife system and be rewarded for their efforts, our trusty gang made it to the pearly white gates of Heaven. It was bliss. Or so they thought.

Eternal happiness, as it turns out, isn’t actually a thing. As Lisa Kudrow (the best cameo ever, by the way) points out, when you can get everything, do everything and see everything forevermore – all that’s left are mindless zombies with a weird craving for milkshakes. Yeesh.


the good place finale review the good place season 4 tahani chiddi elinor shellstrop tgp* the good place review watch the good place online free


To solve this issue, Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, Tahani and Michael offer a solution: an option to leave the Good Place. For good. Forever. To be returned to the universe. Dude, this was not the solution I was expecting. I thought they’d sprinkle a little bit of bad into the Good Place, to balance it out. Or perhaps allow an option of re-living your life on Earth. Or popping to the Bad Place for a bit. But essentially Heaven-esque, eternal suicide? I did not see that coming.

Naturally, we watch as our favourites, one by one, decide they’re ready to end it all.

No. Sorry. I signed up to watch a happy-go-lucky group of quirky-but-flawed individuals navigate their way through the tricky ethics of life – or lack thereof. Who said it was okay for the show runners to make us watch as they slowly kill each one of them off – forever?!

Sure, they all get essential infinite Jeremy Bearimy’s of eternal bliss and happiness before they decide to kick the bucket once and for all, but still. That episode hit me right in the guts, and, honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to take on such a layered, deep, note. I just wanted to laugh, man, not cry my fuckin’ eyes out!

I say all of this in jest, of course. It’s good (see what I did there?) to push the boundaries – a thing that ‘The Good Place’ did constantly throughout its four-season run. It’s brilliant when a show makes you think and apply some of its ethics to your own life. It’s marvellous when a TV show can make you feel something so incredibly deeply – and this ending encapsulates all of that.


the good place finale review the good place season 4 tahani chiddi elinor shellstrop tgp* the good place review watch the good place online free


In typical ‘Good Place’ fashion, nothing happened as I expected it to. The penultimate episode would’ve been enough of a perfect ending for me, with Eleanor uttering “everything is fine.” But nope, we have to see our faves slowly give themselves back to the universe, one by one. (Minus Tahani, of course. That badass event planner goes on to plan afterlife tests, which is sick. And Michael, who becomes a human! THE FEELS, MAN!)

In the very last scene, we see Eleanor walk out of the door of the Good Place and give herself back to the Universe. Golden dust flutters down to the Earth, landing on a random bystander. Instead of chucking away a letter delivered to his address, he has a sudden change of heart – thanks to Eleanor’s gold-dust form – and does a good deed and delivers the letter – to human Michael, no less. He responds in the best way ever, telling him he’ll “take it sleazy”, and finishing the show in the best way possible.

So yeah, I’m now left with a ‘Good Place’-sized hole in my heart, forever experiencing emotional trauma from the deep and emotional way the show ended. Like I said, despite the mild trauma from the show, it ended beautifully. And, while I’ll miss watching their adventures in the afterlife, it couldn’t have ended better.

Props to the showmakers, cast, writers and everyone involved for creating such a bold, daring show, and ending it in the most imaginative yet impactful way I could think of. Until I do a rewatch, I’ll be taking it sleazy.

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