Margo Hanson went from being comic relief to becoming the best character in ‘The Magicians’

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‘The Magicians’ is one of the best shows on television – at least in my humble opinion. From the wondrous way it subverts fantasy tropes to the fast-moving, intriguing plot, there’s a little something in this fantastic show for everyone.

If you know me, you’ll know that I love a strong female character. Thankfully, ‘The Magicians’ has them in heap loads. From the no-shit taking Kady to the subtlety headstrong Alice, there’s no shortage of feminist icons. One character though, stands head and shoulders above the rest: High King Margo Friggin’ Hanson.

The main reason I have endless heaps of love for this fictional lady is that she’s a badass. No matter what’s thrown her way, Margo handles it with ease. And sass. A whole lot of sass. Whether her kingdom is under siege, a Fairy Queen bitch is manipulating her, or a demon-God has possessed her best boy, Margo’s got it – never fear.

Seriously, she’s single-handedly brought down the patriarchal bullshit in a small village, wandered through an endless desert in order to save her best friend, and relieved a burly man of his two badass axes. Oh, and that was just in one episode. I mean, it’s no surprise that she’s the High King of Fillory really, is it?

Going from bitchy, comic-relief side character to the High King is no less than my perfect lil’ Margo deserves. You go, girl.


margo hanson gif margo hanson magic margo best character magicians syfy tv show gif margo hanson funny best character think piece character analysis hard glossy armour


In each and every episode of ‘The Magicians’ I constantly wait for Margo Hanson to appear on my screen, and I’m never disappointed by what she has to offer. Aside from being a badass-kingdom-ruling-boss, she’s also fuckin’ hilarious.

Even in times of despair, Margo serves up some brilliant one liners: “If there’s a tunnel with Grandma, tell her to piss off and come back to me, you selfish fuck! Get back here!”. Also: “You fucked with us. You fucked with our castle. And now we’re gonna put our Jimmy Choos so far up your ass you’re gonna taste next season.”

And, of course, there’s the most iconic interaction between Eliot and her talking ‘code’. “I’m gonna go Britney ’07 on her ass”. Yes bitch! Margo’s zingy one-liners should be taught in schools, branded across billboards and screamed from the rooftops, in all honesty. But it’s best to let the King herself do the talking…



Margo Hanson is also the modern face of feminism. Not because she’s brash and bold and owns her sexuality – no. Her character is so much more than that, and kudos to Summer Bishil for showing it. It’s everything about Margo. From her hard, glossy armour to her loving heart. It’s the way she commands an entire kingdom, all whilst fiercely depending those she holds dear to her heart. It’s the way that she calls out literally anyone – even Gods – if they’re doing something wrong, or unjust. Margo Hanson is the ultimate boss – and she knows it.


You can be one of the smart ones or even one of the pretty ones or even a strong one. But try to be all three… you better learn to smile and shut up cause the second you’re you, the second I’m loud, pissed off, it’s ‘What a bitch.’ ‘What a slut.’ ‘Who the fuck does she think she is?’
So you never give them a chance. You hit first. And anyone dumb enough to hit back soon finds that there’s no hurting you, sheathed in all that hard, glossy armor.


That’s not to say that Margo is perfect – far from it. She’s brash, rude, sarcastic and cutting. She makes rash decisions without thinking of the consequences. But that’s what makes her character soar. Her imperfections – her ability to learn from her mistakes and grow into the brilliant King that she is. The ability to make those tough choices – even if it does mean secretly bargaining away her BFF’s wife’s unborn child. Okay… maybe that one was a bad example, but you get the general idea. Margo isn’t just a one-dimensional, funny-yet-rude mean girl – she’s got layers. Layers and layers and layers. And, unlike Grossman’s portrayal in the books, it isn’t just anger and armour all the way down. There’s so much more than that.


margo hanson gif margo hanson magic margo best character magicians syfy tv show gif margo hanson funny best character think piece character analysis hard glossy armour


Margo Hanson is powerful – making all of Fillory bow down before the queen bee. But that power is warranted. At the core of the show, she matters to everyone around her. She matters to us, the viewer. And, she matters as an integral part of what ‘The Magicians’ stands for – taking the accepted norm, and twisting it on its head. Using ‘King’ as a male-exclusive term? Not here, Margo’s High King, and there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. “I’m a king, not a god damned princess.”



Margo’s emotional growth over the past four seasons have been brilliant to watch – littered with laugh out loud moments every time she appears on-screen – and I cannot wait to see what season five has in store for my favourite character. Whatever the future holds for Margo the Destroyer – I’m sure it’s going to be interesting, to say the least.

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  1. I completely agree- Margo has grown from a one-dimensional mean girl to one of my favorite characters on tv in years. This show’s done something that I honestly didn’t think was possible: creating a “Buffy” for this generation (granted- a more extreme and, shall we 8say, adult version). As the seasons have progressed I have loved her character more and more. I can’t wait to see how she help her BFF Eliot deal with the loss of his dear friend/lover/husband (?)! Thank NETFLIX for rerunning seasons 1-4. Please continue with wonderfully entertaining series!! ❤️🙏

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