Lady Gaga’s leaked track: ‘Stupid Love’

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Monsters, LG6 is almost here! If you ask me, the era begins today. Right here, right now. After waiting for three-and-a-bit years for new music (I’m not gonna count ‘A Star Is Born’ because I want to be dramatic, okay, let me have my moment!), we’ve got our first taste of Lady Gaga’s sixth album, and it sounds a little bit like ‘Stupid Love’.

And oh boy, let me tell you: it’s some disco-infused, pop-based heaven. I’m in love. Stupid love.

Yes, I confess, I listened to the leaks (forgive me, Gaga – it’s been a dry spell!) twice. Only twice. I still want the sound to be fresh in my ears, to feel the rush of listening to the single in HQ for the first time to be truly special. The first go around (at 3am, when I couldn’t sleep and Twitter was going bonkers) I had… mixed feelings. I was also very sleep deprived. On the second listen, however, I fell in love.

If it sounds this good in low quality, broken-up leaks, I can’t wait to hear how it sounds in its full on, high quality glory. I. Can’t. Wait.


Lady Gaga Stupid Love Leak LG6 gaga next album single february atlr insider gaga listen to stupid love download stupid love lady gaga


But how did ‘Stupid Love’ actually leak? Who leaked it? What’s going on?! Did Gaga leak it, Boris style? (For those of you out of the loop, Gaga leaked ‘Aura’ back in 2013, from her then-upcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ under the alias of Boris). Or is this just some nasty hacker attempting to hemmorage Gaga’s tracks across the deepest, darkest parts of the internet?

Honestly, it could be either of those options. Until we get some form of confirmation from Gaga or her team, we’ll never truly know. I wouldn’t put it past Gaga to be leaking the tracks – after all, it’s happened before. Then again, we saw how it affected her when ‘Joanne’ leaked, seeing her reaction on the Netflix documentary.

It’s also a pretty odd PR move to leak your own track – especially a lead single at that. I mean, it’s far easier to simply tweet something cryptic, a few numbers, letters, or even a cryptic photo – ala ‘Perfect Illusion’.

With that said, the leaks are too coincidental for it not to be on purpose – at least in my opinion. They started back in October. Then, a week or two later, Gaga uploading a photo to Instagram showing her listening to ‘Stupid Love’ on her phone. Coincidence? I think NOT!



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Now, all of these months later – right before supposed insiders claim that Gaga is due to release a track next month, more and more of the song seems to be leaking. It’s almost as if the entire thing was planned, no? A little Easter egg to tease the fans with, then a little taste of the song that’s to come – building up the hype so much that it trended worldwide on Twitter, right before its release date. It’s all too perfect…

Insiders claim that Gaga’s lead single for LG6 is due to be released in February, with the album to follow in Q2 – so anywhere from April onwards. Sounds pretty feasible to me. In fact, it sounds like a brilliant release schedule – mirroring ‘Born This Way’s. Throw in a Grammy’s performance to promote the lead and I’m sold. If she does release a track next month, I hope she drops the music video (there’s rumours that she’s been filming one of those, too), on the same day. I’ve been starved of sick Gaga visuals!



As for the sound of the track itself, I’m not going to go into any detail out of respect for the big LG. But I will say this: It’s sick. And I am so, so ready to let my ears feast on some new Gaga music.

The similarities between the wording of ‘Stupid Love’ and ‘Bad Romance’ isn’t lost on me, either, so it’ll be very interesting to see how that plays out…

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Gaga’s team, of course, but I think a February release is very, very likely. Remember that cryptic “f” Tweet? I’m pretty sure that was a subtle hint, ala Taylor Swift style.

Whatever happens, I’m stoked for new Gaga tunes. LG6 is so close I can almost taste it. I’m ready for her to take us to church…

For more on Lady Gaga, check out everything we know about LG6. Or, have a look at my ranking of her albums! What makes number 1?

If you’re an insider and have any info, please get in touch! Likewise, if you work at Interscope and have any issues with this post, please send me an email and I can rework it to suit you guys. My email is:

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