King Calaway deserve a crown for their debut album ‘Rivers’

King Calaway Rivers Album Download Review Nashville

King Calaway are something special. Really. From crafting a debut album that most intrepid, fresh-faced artists could only dream of, to singing the album in one take, there’s no denying that King Calaway are going to soar.

The six-man band – with no lead singer, they all share the limelight – are set to release their first album ‘Rivers’ in the UK in March this year, and it’s something to behold…

Opening up with the raucous ‘No Matter What’, ‘Rivers’ begins with a fist-pounding, anthemic track that just begs to be played through booming arena speakers; with an infectious chorus that’ll get you singing along after the first play. The opening tracks offers a sense of familiarty whilst simultaneously remaining somewhat fresh – an unusual, unique balance to juggle, but one that band managed to capture perfectly.

It’s a theme the runs through the whole album – this sense of warmth and familiarity. As each track rolled by, I found myself nodding my head, tapping my foot and (attempting) to sing along, as if I’d been listening to the record for months and months, not the very first time.

Each song is like a long-lost friend welcoming you back into their arms – not unlike the vibes The Script offer up – detailing relatable yet unique stories in a guise of country-infused bliss. And that is the sign of a band who are sure to go onto remarkable heights.


King Calaway Rivers Album Download Review Nashville


Each song on ‘Rivers’ has something to offer – with not a single one feeling like a throwaway, filler track. The title track ‘Rivers’ gives us a glimpse at their songwriting ability. ‘Obvious’  displays the layers of instruments hidden away in the depths of the song, building and building throughout the song. ‘Missing You’ gives us a heartfelt, impactful tune that shows off the flair of their vocals.


“So come here, make it all disappear like lovers do. Girl, for you, I wish that I could build a world for two.”


‘Driver’s Seat’ remains firmly in the country lane, full of lyrics about gasoline, big cities and referring to their muse as ‘honey’, all with a playful riff that echoes throughout. It’s unabashed, full-on country, detailing a story of ambitious young lovers with the world at their feet.

Aside from the band’s unique sonic ability, the band itself is incredibly unique. With six talents plucked from either side of the Atlantic, each blessed with smooth vocals and a dab-hand at instrumentals, the six wound up to Nashville, where the country-pop album ‘Rivers’ was birthed.

The frontman vocals come from Jordan, Chad and Simon, offering strong, unique voices. Meanwhile, Chris, Caleb and Austin provide the sultry harmonies which add a little zest, bringing the tunes to life by adding a splash of flavour. The combination of allowing each singer to breathe, rather than fighting for the limelight, allows ‘Rivers’ to feel like an authentic entry, giving a palpable sense of personality. That, added to the fact that they recorded the album in a single-take… Well, it’s about time King Calaway got their crown.


King Calaway Rivers Album Download Review Nashville


King Calaway’s ‘Rivers’ physically releases in the UK on March 6, 2020. You can also stream the record immediately below. If you like the record, be sure to support King Calaway and buy a hard copy! We all know how this age of streaming can make it hard for up-and-coming artists to break through, so show them some well-deserved love.

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