Taylor Swift captures a piece of festive magic with ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ (Song Review)

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Us Swifties are blessed. No, really. In the space of a year we’ve had a heartfelt album, three sick music videos, a feisty AMAs performance and a smooth tune from the upcoming ‘Cats’ movie. But we’re not done yet.

Taylor’s the gift that keeps on giving. With the decade rapidly coming to a close, the country-turned-pop star has blessed us with a cozy little Christmas tune. And it’s making me feel hella festive.

‘Christmas Tree Farm’ opens with a dramatic string arrangement, with Taylor’s old-school vocals showing a different side to her that we’ve never quite seen before. Her voice is sultry and soft, giving a little glimpse of 50s Christmas glamour. I’d actually settle for an entire record shaped around this opening vibe – and it’s only a few seconds long!

The song quickly changes, though, going from a dramatic, broody track to a full on Christmas tune filled with jingling bells and Christmas clichés. And I am here for it. It’s filled with joy – a harmonious celebration of love and nostalgia at Christmastime.

The track’s filled with typical Christmas motifs: “under the mistletoe”, “baby, baby, Merry Christmas”, “watchin’ the fire glow” – but that’s okay. It’s brilliant, in fact. Taylor’s not here to reinvent the Christmas genre – she’s here to throw in her two cents into the crowded market, all with that unique Taylor Swift charm. The lyrics are also effective at conjuring up imagery in the listeners’ mind (I mean, of course they are, it’s Taylor), which adds to the overall coziness of the tune. It’s upbeat, cute, and festive AF.

The tune can be interpreted to mean two things: it’s about her lover – who being with brings back a sense of childhood safety, or that it’s about her mother – whom Christmas would never be the same without. In my view, it’s both, a celebration of family and love in all of its forms.



The accompanying music video to ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ elevates the cozy, homely feel of the track. Made up of homemade videos of Taylor’s childhood, it’s hard not to feel a sense of warm nostalgia flood over you. We see little baby Taylor, toddling around the farm, up to pre-teen Taylor, unwrapping an acoustic guitar that could well have started it all. It’s adorable, and makes me feel all of the feels.

The title of the song, ‘Christmas Tree Farm, is an homage to Taylor’s childhood days where – you guessed it – she grew up on a literal Christmas tree farm. You couldn’t make it up. I mean, who better to release a Christmas song than Taylor? It’s these little splashes of her personal life that make Taylor such a special songwriter, not just on this track, but across her entire discography.

The fact that Taylor only wrote the track last weekend is a further testament to her talent. Taylor’s feeling festive? BAM. Here’s a Christmas song. She stated that she didn’t want to wait an entire year to release the track, and thus it dropped today – an early Christmas present for Swifties everywhere. Living in the age of streaming, where artists can achieve such a quick turnaround is a marvellous thing indeed, and we’re super blessed that we’ve got Taylor’s sweet, sweet festive vocals to accompany us through the cold winter months.

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