Lindsey Stirling: Top 5 Tracks

lindsey stirling top 5 tracks lindsey stirling best songs

Oh, Lindsey Stirling. Queen of the fiddle. Lover of pirates. EDM extraordinaire. She’s woven an impressive catalogue of mystical tracks over the years, managing to find the perfect balance between fantasy-infused tunes and electronic beats to create something truly special; all while bringing a little splash of joy into her fans’ lives.

With five albums under her belt, Lindsey’s got a track for every occasion. But which are the best of the best? I rounded up my top 5 Lindsey Stirling tracks down below, ranging from her more fantasy-inspired tracks right up her urban EDM mixes. I’m not gonna lie, this list was super hard to do. Lindsey’s got so many amazing tunes that I ended up kicking myself for this ridiculous idea of rounding them up to a measly five tunes in the first place! Regardless, I gave it a whirl. Please note that this is just my personal preference – feel free to disagree and leave your top 5 in the comments down below! With that said, let’s see if your fave tracks make the cut, fellow Stirlingites…

#5 Roundtable Rival

Coming in at #5 is Lindsey’s iconic tune which fulfils all of our steam punk/Western hybrid needs. Who knew that I could’ve lived a fulfilling life without having this tune on repeat for weeks on end? ‘Roundtable Rival’ blew me away when I first discovered it; from its EDM-infused beat pulsing throughout, to the image it conjures up in the listeners’ mind. Even without gazing upon the music video (which, I might add, is one of her best), the tune is a glorious violin-infused attempt at portraying a story, and Lindsey pulls it off perfectly.


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#4 Masquerade

Speaking of music videos – where is the one for ‘Masquerade’? Could you imagine it? Swirling ball gowns, slick, styled choreography, a beautiful castle ballroom filled with dancers and Lindsey’s magical music. Ugh. What could have been.

Music video aside, ‘Masquerade’ is one of my favourite Lindsey songs. It’s just so god-damn magical. The dreamy, retro 20s-infused intro is captivating, painting an image of flickering lanterns in grand old ballrooms. The tune quickly changes, though, into a dramatic, ethereal number. The thumping drum that echoes throughout, the complex violin-work… all of it just comes together so beautifully. In fact, it’s my most listened to Lindsey Stirling song!


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#3 Shatter Me

‘Shatter Me’ was the first Lindsey Stirling song I ever heard, so of course it makes this list. It’s not purely out of sentimental value, though. ‘Shatter Me’ is such a big, bold production that it grabs you by the ear and forces you to pay attention. From Lindsey’s slick skills of the violin, to the booming vocals of Lzzy Hale, every single of this song is pure musical perfection.

Written about her battle with anorexia, ‘Shatter Me’ brings that personal touch to the track that only Lindsey can. Using music and imagery as a vessel to not only heal personal trauma – but also to inspire others to break out of their self-made prisons – epitomizes why Lindsey Stirling is such a delightful gem of a human being.

From the noise of the mechanical whirring at the beginning of the track to the delicate balance of the violin mixed with vocals, ‘Shatter Me’ will forever be regarded as one of Lindsey’s most iconic tracks, and for good reason. It’s a hell of a tune.


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#2 Artemis

This is my favourite music video of Lindsey’s, hands down. The title track off ‘Artemis’ is truly captivating. Named after the goddess of the moon, it creates a mystical, yet fearsome atmosphere that teeters on the edges of the track. The album itself is probably my favourite entry into Lindsey’s records, and the track ‘Artemis’ is a huge part of that reasoning.

It’s ethereal, magical and addictive – all whilst telling a story. The moment in the track where the dramatic beats thunder as the elements click into place is perfection, as the grand crescendo of the song takes you on a journey to the moon itself. It truly is a piece of actual beauty.


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Before we conclude my top 5 Lindsey tracks, I just wanna give a shout out to some honourable mentions, track without which I’d have far less joy in my musical repertoire. I also realise that there’s nothing from ‘Brave Enough’ or her debut in my top 5 (shh, spoilers), but they’re beautiful records nevertheless! Anyway, ‘Lost Girls’, ‘Crystallize’, ‘Electric Daisy Violin’,  ‘When The Stars Align’, ‘Underground’, ‘Moon Trance’, ‘Something Wild’ – you’ve all got a special place in my heart.




#1 Master of Tides

Aaaaaaand the winner is – ‘Master of Tides’! I mean, I’m a sucker for pirates so that probably helped my decision. Plus, seeing Lindsey perform this live at her ‘Artemis’ tour was a sight I’ll never forget. Using a ‘choose your own adventure’ style routine, Lindsey and her dancers adapted their dance to whatever the audience chose – which is something I’ve never seen before at a gig! It was executed flawlessly; and was truly a sight to behold. And the impromptu live performance – as seen in the music video – is stunning; from the water-infused choreo to the gigantic octopus, it all comes together beautifully.

With all of that aside, though, the song itself is just my favourite. There’s just a vibe about it that I can’t put my finger on. It’s magical, yet modern. It’s uplifting, yet tinged with a tiny dash of sadness. It just makes me feel all of the feels! It’s the perfect Lindsey tune to whack on and have a little jig about to; or to stick on when you’re writing your fantasy-novel-masterpiece. In short, ‘Master of Tides’ is just rad, and I’ll never tire of listening to the sea shanty-inspired song.


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For more on Lindsey Stirling, check out my review of her ‘Artemis’ tour (you won’t regret it). Or, take a peek at my review of her brilliant album ‘Artemis’. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of my Lindsey tune rankings in the comments below! I’d love to hear what fellow Stirlingites have to say about her music.




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