‘Frozen 2’ is a glorious, magical adventure (Movie Review)

frozen 2 movie review elsa girlfriend anna frozen 2 spoilers frozen 2 elsa died dead dies frozen 2 thoughts movie

Going into ‘Frozen 2’, I was a little skeptical. The original was decent (‘Tangled’ was better, fight me), and the characters of the first were truly magical. Obviously after its crazy success Disney were going to make a sequel. But was it going to be another heartless cash grab?

*There’s going to be massive ‘Frozen 2’ spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet – what are you doing?! Go to the cinema, watch the flick, and come back right here*


In short, the movie isn’t a cash grab. Not at all. In fact, it’s filled with so much heart and charm that’ll melt even the iciest heart (that goes for you too, Elsa). From Olaf having an existential crisis, learning more about Elsa’s mysterious powers to Kristoff’s cute proposal attempts, ‘Frozen 2’ simply oozes charm.

First of all, this movie is beautiful. Like, actually stunning. I don’t know whether I need glasses or not but some scenes actually looked real. Elsa standing at the ocean, watching the dark waves roll in, looked exactly like a live action movie. The trees swaying in the wind moved with such grace they tricked my eye into seeing past the animation and into the reality of it all.


frozen 2 movie review elsa girlfriend anna frozen 2 spoilers frozen 2 elsa died dead dies frozen 2 thoughts movie


The colours are gorgeous. Taking place in Autumn, the reds and oranges burst and blossom on the screen. The details are immaculate, from the tiny little ice crystals floating in place to Elsa’s sleek new hair do – it all looks absolutely stunning.

The plot is pretty good, for the most part. We get some details on Elsa’s icy powers, a back-story on their parents and even more details on their watery demise. While some plot points are obviously ham-fisted into the sequel, appearing seemingly out of nowhere when compared to the first movie, it works well at bringing in brand new layers to the world of ‘Frozen’.

The tone of this movie is slightly darker, too. Nothing too crazy – it’s still rated ‘U’, after all – but there’s a darkness here that runs throughout the movie. It deals with death, the unknown, fear, loss… all with an overbearing mystery of the beckoning siren. It feels a tad more mature, overall.


frozen 2 movie review elsa girlfriend anna frozen 2 spoilers frozen 2 elsa died dead dies frozen 2 thoughts movie


The songs are brilliant. Fact. I personally prefer the tracks in the original movie – but that may be due to them seeming familiar to me. In ‘Frozen 2’, they didn’t try to recreate the great heights of ‘Let It Go’, which I’m thankful for. Each songs has its own vibe, its own place in the movie that works. My two absolute faves are ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Show Yourself’. They’re filled with such heart and soul. Watching the events of ‘Show Yourself’ unravel on the big movie screen gave me goosebumps all over my body – and I can’t wait to relisten to the track moving tracks over and over again. I mean, they even gave Kristoff an 80s boyband tribute! How sick!

The characters are, of course, the true highlight of the movie. I’ve always had a soft spot for misunderstood, angsty Elsa and clumsy, quirky Anna – and seeing the sequel to their sisterhood was a true delight. They’re the main characters of the story, once again, and are always at the focus and the heart of the movie. They’ve grown since their debut, but they’re still the characters we know and love. Olaf, surprisingly, was one of my favourite parts of the film – which is odd considering I found him so annoying in the original ‘Frozen’. He’s deeper, this time around, laden with jokes for adults, and he had me cracking up more than anyone else. In fact, my absolute favourite part of the film was when he does an Elsa impression, hip swagger and all. Hilarious.

Speaking of, there’s a heap load of references to the original movie in ‘Frozen 2’, from Elsa cringing in her memories at her performing ‘Let It Go’, to plenty of references to the twisted Hans. It’s brilliant, and shows that the movie was made with love and care. There’s even a hidden Baymax!


frozen 2 movie review elsa girlfriend anna frozen 2 spoilers frozen 2 elsa died dead dies frozen 2 thoughts movie


The plot is questionable, at times, but they may be because I’ve only seen it once. I love the mystical, mysterious vibe they’ve got going on this time around, but it seems to deviate here and there, going off in random tangents at the speed of light. The pacing has the same issue,  it moves super quick, with characters making seemingly random decisions. It would’ve helped if they added another half an hour or so onto the movie to slow things down a bit, but then again, it is a kid’s movie…

Overall, ‘Frozen 2’ is a must-watch for any die-hard Disney fan. It’s hilarious, beautiful, filled with action from the start. If you like Disney, you’ll like this. If you loved ‘Frozen’, you’ll adore ‘Frozen 2’.

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  1. After watching the 2nd part of the movie, it seems to me that Disney could just shoot a short film about the parents of Elsa and Anna, answering some questions from the fans. Despite the fact that the sequel is inferior to the first part in uniqueness, but this part wins in another. The cartoon looks and sounds great, evokes different emotions and reveals the potential of Elsa. All fans of the first part of the cartoon must watch Frozen II. It’s only my opinion. Thanks for your review!

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