“It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age” – looking onward to 2020

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Hello blogger friendos from the four corners of the internet (and hey to you too, little bots, I see you!). So, we’re at the end of another year. Crazy, right? It feels like just yesterday I was navigating crispy January mornings, accompanied by the cooing tones of Lana Del Rey whispering through my ear. But alas, the year has ended, as they always tend to do… And what a wild year it’s been.

On a personal note, I’ve been to Las Vegas and saw my absolute fave person in the world Lady Gaga, which was a trip I’ll never forget. From the 15-hour journey, to the drag queen brunch where me and my best pal got absolutely wrecked to the Gaga show itself, it was incredible, and worth every penny. I’ve also seen Muse live, been to Amsterdam, saw Marina live, discovered the beauty of Lindsey Stirling (and, you guessed it, saw her live, too), and much, much more.

One of my closest pals got engaged this year, so that was neat-o! I can’t wait to head to her wedding next year. I’ve also taken a few trips to London/Southampton/Brighton to meet up with some of my good friends (which usually always ended up in pubs and beer… Oops?).



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“candid”, 2019

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Of course, plenty of geeky things occured this year, too. I recently saw the latest Star Wars movie (I loved it!), watched Frozen 2 and Joker, got Pokemon Sword, finally got Kingdom Hearts III, got my platinum trophy on Dragon Age: Inquisition. Yeah, I think I’ve had a pretty good balance between doing IRL stuff and reclusive video game-y things. Beautiful.

I also started this blog up again this year, after taking a seven-month hiatus. I got a couple of hundred Facebook likes to my page (gimme a like if you haven’t already), and a splattering of new Twitter followers. My views went up, going from 1,000 in May to around 5,000 in September (… then back to 1,000 in December, where IRL things like Christmas got in the way…).

It was a good step – one in the right direction, and one that I want to continue pursuing. It’s long being a blogger. Not only do you have to write, but you have to manage social media, edit photos, format, code… It’s a lot. But I love it. And I want to go even further with my blogging pursuits next year – and focus on writing about the things that I love.



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She killed it (as always) 🤘🤘 #enigma #gaga

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With that said, 2020 looms down upon us: a glittering prospect of not only a brand-spanking new year, but a brand new friggin’ decade. So, let me put on my metaphorical let’s-get-shit-done boots and kick next year’s ass! Here are my goals…


1. Write a book

I know, I know, New Year’s is always the time where people say they’re gonna get shit done, only for that to fade away into the abyss of the dreary day-to-day lifestyle that sinks its claws into all of us and drags us down. Writing that, in black and white, on here, though, is enough motivation to actually get shit done. With that in mind, I want to write my God-damned book this year. For years – no, an entire decade – I’ve wanted to write a book, and I’ve only actually finished one. Once. And that was for NaNoWriMo, and it was a hot mess of words that I only stuck down one after the other to hit my word count goal. Still, it’s something.

With 2020, though, I want to write the rough draft of my fantasy series. That’s it. Just the rough draft. Just the beginning words (fun fact: the first word is “shit”), to the grand finale. One word after another. No restarts. Not getting distracted by other book ideas. Just my fantasy book, from beginning to end; at around 80k. Let’s get this shit done, fellow writers! If you’ve got a book idea in mind that’s been sizzling in your brain-oven, never quite ready to take out and decorate and look pretty, consider this your call to arms! Hit me a message on any of my social media accounts and let’s get this done together – let’s be book writing pals! (Please? I’ll need all the help I can get).


2. Post 120 posts on here

I made promising steps in regards to my blog this year – and if I up the effort and fully try and commit myself to it – I believe I can achieve great things. 120 posts a year works out at 10 posts a month, which is a steep ask, but one I’m pretty sure I can accomplish. With my book added to that, that’s a whole lot of words, and a whole lot of writing. But that’s what I want to do in life: Write. Inspire. And, ideally make some cash off of it. How else am I going to do that without writing? I want words to encase me, to wrap themselves around me and fill up my entire life. That’s what being a writer is all about.

I also want to focus on the design of my blog, the social media aspect and promotional side of things. While not my favourite, and the most time consuming – it’s a worthwhile endeavour, and I’ll get there eventually.


3. Read more

More word/writing related endeavours – what a shocker! Seriously though, I’ve fallen way off my reading vibe. I’ve barely read 5 books this year – how horrific! It doesn’t help that I’m insanely fussy when it comes to books; but still, I do want to read more. How can I ever hope to write my own novel without reading some of the wonderful, most inspiring pieces out there in the world? Reading and writing go hand in hand, really.


Music is clearly a big part of my life, too. Video games, books, TV and movies – the little joys in life (all complimented wonderfully with a cup of coffee, might I add). With that said, before I sign off, I wanted to take a little peak at my music habits over 2019 – courtesy of last.fm.


most listened to songs 2019 lastfm 10x10 last.fm 10x10 alex white last fm collage maker lady gaga 2020 goals 2020 resolutions blogger uk blog


Oh, a shock – Lady Gaga makes an appearance five times in the first twenty albums. Oops. There’s also plenty of Muse, The Killers, Lindsey Stirling and Kylie Minogue – all of which make my heart happy. Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ takes the #1 spot, but that’s hardly surprising, considering I listened to it over 600 times. Overall, I’d say that sums up my music tastes – and my 2019 – pretty thoroughly.

What about you, fellow Streamers? How has 2019 treated you – and what are you goals heading into this new decade? Whatever you try to achieve, I believe in you. You’ve got this. Let me know what you’re aiming for in the comments below – type it into a reality!

Stay safe, stay positive, and have a happy 2020.

– J x

(The header image was provided by Marco on Flickr.)



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