‘AHS: 1984’: 5 theories about the slasher season

AHS: Season 9 AHS: 1984 american horror story 1984 theories mr jingles killer whos' the killer 1984 ahs american horror story emma roberts

‘American Horror Story’ is back, and this time it’s taking us to Camp Redwood, a summer camp in 1984. Focusing on gritty, slasher horror movies of the 80s, the first episode managed to capture the balance of 80s glam and sultry horror perfectly, leaning on tried and tested tropes to give us a familiar story.

But is something… stranger going on? I mean, this is ‘American Horror Story’, after all. We’ve had aliens in Asylum and witches at the end of the world, rapist ghosts in Murder House and a meta-twist in Roanoke. Is this season really just going to be a straight up slasher at a summer camp? I think not. To ease the pain of waiting until next week for another episode, here are 5 rather plausible theories about ‘AHS: 1984’.


Margaret Booth is working with Mr. Jingles


AHS: Season 9 AHS: 1984 american horror story 1984 theories mr jingles killer whos' the killer 1984 ahs american horror story emma roberts watch ahs 1984 online free


It’s the oldest trick in the book. Seemingly innocent, God-trusting survivor of a brutal crime turns into an evil, psychotic murderer. After being the sole survivor of Mr. Jingles’ killing spree all of those years ago, perhaps she re-opened the camp to finish the killer’s work. Or, perhaps she was working with him all along. ‘AHS’ is known for its family ties, so perhaps the flashback we saw was an elaborate lie thought up by the guidance counsellor, and she is in fact a relative of the serial killer?

Or, maybe, she was the OG killer at the summer camp, and killed all of her bunk-buddies for being so sinful, and then framed Mr. Jingles (the janitor, or something similar) for her crimes.

There’s lots that doesn’t add up about her. A mysteriously deceased husband. Conveniently showing up after Brooke was chased through the camp by Jingles. And, really, who would return to the scene of such a hideous crime? Although it may be obvious to have her be filled with wicked intent, I still don’t trust her. Also, girl, are those glasses kept up through God’s grace? Because surely you need two ears to keep them in place.


They’re creating a snuff film


We don’t really know much about the group from LA, and everything about them reeks of suspicion. Perhaps they’re all actors (duh), who lured Brooke out to Camp Redwood in order to create a snuff film. Where they’d hide the big-ass 80s cameras I don’t know, but it would certainly add another layer of horror into the otherwise straight-forward slasher season.

Xavier especially seems… off. Brooke only got attacked by the so-called Night-Stalker after she’d heard about him from Xavier, so maybe he too is an actor, sent to spook Brooke so she’d pack up and leave town, ready to star in her very own snuff film.

It’s a show within a show


AHS: Season 9 AHS: 1984 american horror story 1984 theories mr jingles killer whos' the killer 1984 ahs american horror story emma roberts


I know, I know, they’ve already done this before with Roanoke, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to follow a similar route. Perhaps the first few episode we’re watching  literal actors on the set of a movie (it would explain the awesome-yet-slightly-bizarre character names that popped up at the start), who star in a slasher 80s movie. Then, as the season progresses, the cast get hunted down and killed off one by one by an actual murderer on the loose. Familiar? Yes. But if done well, it could be an amazing twist.


There’s a Cabin in the Woods / Big Brother style twist


This is the theory that I really hope will come to pass. The show’s approaching its 100th episode, and I feel like they need to celebrate that with a bang. I absolutely refuse to believe that the ‘1984’ tag is just referring to the year, and has no significance on the George Orwell novel. What better way to blow our minds than to have the government be surveying the events at Camp Redwood and actually be causing them to happen, whether for entertainment or research purposes.

I need some next level, crazy ass classic ‘American Horror Story’ twist, and I feel like this one would hit the nail on the head. The show’s known for pulling wild changes mid-way through the season… so I guess we’ll see if it comes to pass in a few weeks time.



Brooke is crazy


AHS: Season 9 AHS: 1984 american horror story 1984 theories mr jingles killer whos' the killer 1984 ahs american horror story emma roberts


Okay, so this isn’t a particularly well-thought out theory, more of a general idea… But I wouldn’t be surprised if Brooke is insane. Being the lead in the season, the story is pretty much being told from her perspective. Maybe Brooke is an unreliable narrator after all, and she’s slowly breaking down at her stay at Camp Redwood, imagining all of these bizarre encounters. Maybe the gang are in on it, gas lighting her until she finally cracks. I mean, this is ‘American Horror Story’, so anything is possible.



Whatever happens in season 9 of ‘American Horror Story’, I’d expect the unexpected. The show usually always throws a big twist into the works each year, and with the 100th episode coming up and the seemingly trope-fuelled story… I’m not taking anything at face value.

What do you think, Streamers? Are any of these theories plausible, or do you have any ideas of your own? Let me know down in the comments below!

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  1. Duuuuude! This is SUCH a bitchin’ season of AHS. I know we’re only three episodes in, but man, is it one of my favorites. Everything from the neon synthy aerobic-olympic-STABBY MURDER opening sequence every episode, to the camp’s CAMP (I AM SO HERE FOR IT!), everything Montana, and the all the absurd turns of events and character interactions! I just keep raving about this to everyone.

    AND NOW I am EXTRA psyched that I have another friend who’s loving the season! YAAAASSS!

    All of your theories here were a blast to read. You’re REALLY onto something with the first theory! I can definitely imagine parts of that happening– especially with what was revealed in the most recent two episodes.

    I can’t believe it’s only three episodes in! I am seriously so invested in and PSYCHED about this show. Hahah.

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