Disney’s most underrated characters

Disney underrated characters disney's most underrated characters disney new movie 2019 disney gifs

We all know our Elsas from our Ariels, our Prince Erics from our Flynn Riders. But what about the unsung heroes of our childhoods? The little critters, hiding away in the background, often helping our heroes achieve their goals are just as important as our Princess pals. Disney would feel pretty empty without its sidekicks; so here at Screen Streams I thought I’d show them some much needed love.


The Wardrobe / Beauty and the Beast

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I mean, just look at her! I wish I could crush all of my enemies like that, what a woman. She looks after poor, scared Belle when she first arrives at the cursed castle, and always speaks in soft, gentle tones. The Wardrobe was also once an opera singer, pre-curse, which makes her even more of a badass. In the battle for the castle she stands her ground, attacking the villagers with her drawers (quite literally), and fighting alongside her friends. Being a villager-crushing, opera-singing, badass human-turned-wardrobe is more than enough to win me over.


The Muses / Hercules

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For starters, just look at that amaaaaazing choreography. Britney who? The Muses narrate the tale of Hercules, complete with energetic dance numbers and sick vocals. They inject some spice and sass into the movie, and it pops because of it. They’re five goddesses, each representing poetry, comedy, history, dance and tragedy. With their amazing songs, I’m super happy they kicked the old narrator to the curb and told the tale of Hercules in their own way. You go, girls.

Also, exciting news! It’s looking like a ‘Hercules’ live-action movie is on its way! Check out my dream cast for the rumoured ‘Hercules’ movie.


Maleficent’s Raven (Diablo) / Sleeping Beauty

disney underrated characters disney's most underrated sidekicks flounder maleficent's raven diablo disney musings


Look at that mischievous glint in his eye! Maleficent’s raven, Diablo, is a pivotal player in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (one of the best Disney movies OF ALL TIME, fight me), helping Maleficent fulfil her evil schemes. His cawing during his battle with Merryweather will forever be embedded into my brain. With a name that literally means the Devil in Spanish, Diablo is just as evil as his mistress. He also gave us that iconic, dramatic gasp when Maleficent discovered he’d been turned to stone by those pesky, pesky fairies. I think he may be my fave villain sidekick of all time. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a whole post about our weirdly lovable evil Disney lackeys.

Maleficent is my absolute favourite Disney villain, too. But don’t get me started on those lacklustre live action versions.


The Carpet / Aladdin

disney underrated characters


Oh, just look at him picking up Abu’s little hat. He’s so cuuuuute! Honestly, I never thought I’d be so attached to a cartoon carpet before, but hey, here we are. The animators did a sick job inputting such a vast amount of emotion into something that doesn’t even have a face, so props to them. We also wouldn’t have had ‘A Whole New World’ if it wasn’t for the Carpet, so thanks buddy!


Flounder / The Little Mermaid

disney underrated characters


Ariel wouldn’t have got very far without her fishy BFF. While he was a bit of a guppy (yup, I said it), he still faces his fears and follows through to be there for his mermaid pal. He’s pretty much the opposite to Ariel – riddled with anxiety, uncomfortable with adventure – but that’s what makes him such a good friend – he ventures out of his comfort zone to help his mermaid pal. He always journeys with Ariel, is fiercely loyal, and sticks up for her when push comes to shove. You go, little guy.


Esmeralda / The Hunchback of Notre Dame

disney's most underrated characters esmerelda gif malifcent's raven


See, Essy always asks the important questions. She belongs to a group of outcasts named the gypsies, and is an active humanitarian in a harsh, cruel world. She’s outspoken, not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and always looks out for those who are worse off. If only we could all be a little bit more like Esmeralda, the world would be a better place.


Archimedes / The Sword in the Stone

disney underrated characters sidekicks


Oh, how I love this grumpy little owl. He’s sarcastic, grumpy and hates mornings. Hey, it sounds like me! I can relate. Archimedes had to make the list of most underrated Disney characters, because ‘The Sword in the Stone’ is hella underrated as it is. He teaches Arthur all he needs to know to be the future king, so he’s quite important in Arthur’s tale! Plus… just look at that adorable little face. So cute.


Mama Odie / The Princess and the Frog

underrated disney characters mama odie


Another underrated Disney gem! ‘The Princess and the Frog’ is filled with amazing characters, amazing animation and amazing songs! The true highlight of the film is Mama Odie, though. She’s a voodoo-practicing witch who lives in the depths of a swamp – but don’t let that put you off! She’s kind-natured, and tells our heroes exactly what they need to hear. Besides, ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ is an absolute jam of a song, so there’s that.


Pegasus / Hercules

disney underated characters disney underrated mama odie pegasus


Yup, another ‘Hercules’ entry. That movie is sick – one of my faves. Oh, Pegasus, you don’t get as nearly as much love as you deserve. From being a cute little baby with little Herc to beating up Pain and Panic, Pegasus is an absolute badass. Again, despite the fact that he can’t talk, Disney do an amazing job filling him with personality. Also, that blue mane is absolute sick. Sigh, where’s my flying, sassy, blue-maned horse?!


Grandma Fa / Mulan

disney underatted characters


BEEEEADS OF JADE FOR BEAAAAAUTY. Ahem. Sorry. Grandma Fa is the ultimate badass grandma in the Disney universe. She’s just so damn sassy. See: “Who spit in her bean curd?” “Great, she brings home a sword, you ask me she should’ve brought home a man.” “How lucky can they (the ancestors) be? They’re dead!” “Sign me up for the next war!” Honestly, ‘Mulan’ is my second favourite Disney movie (right behind ‘Sleeping Beauty’), and Grandma Fa is one of the main reasons for it. What a badass.


The Ancestors / Mulan

disney underrated characters


Speaking of ‘Mulan’, the ancestors don’t get nearly as much love as they deserve! The scenes of them bickering amongst themselves in the afterlife about Mulan’s fate is hilarious, and I just can’t get enough of it. Their impromptu party at the end of the movie is one I wanna be invited to! If that’s what the afterlife is like, maybe it’s not so scary after all.


Chef Louis / The Little Mermaid

underrated disney characters chef louis maleficent's raven mama odie the muses the carpet aladdin archamedis


Honestly, if you haven’t sang ‘les poisson’ and danced manically around your kitchen, have you even lived your best life? Although he’s a minor a villain in ‘The Little Mermaid’, he still brings a delightful sense of mania to the otherwise delightful film. I mean look at him, he’s so ridiculous with his long moustache, wielding his dangerous weapons. What an icon.


Tantor / Tarzan

underrated disney characters tarzan


Oh Tantor, a gigantic African elephant with a big heart and a deep fear for all things unhygienic. He’s riddled with anxiety but, not unlike Flounder, he pulls through with courage when his friends need him, and that’s what counts. While I’m talking about ‘Tarzan’, his pals Terk and Tarzan’s mother, Kala, are all horrendously underrated, too. Throw Jane into the mix also, she’s a badass. Ah, you know what, screw it: ‘Tarzan’ as a whole is so underrated it’s practically criminal.


Jim Hawkins / Treasure Planet

disney underrated characters gif disney gifs


One day I will get over my love for ‘Treasure Planet’. Today is not that day. Jim Hawkins is suuuch a sick Disney character, who has one of the most diverse character arcs. He goes from emo, bad guy, emotionally unavailable teenager to a happy, confident hero. Journeying to the fabled treasure planet to find riches to help himself and his mother is an honourable cause in any case, but he does it with swag, charisma, sarcasm and charm. He’s definitely one of the top men of Disney, for sure. Besides, that hair-do is absolute amazing.



So there we have it! 14 of the most underrated Disney characters, ranging from evil ravens to sassy grandmas. Did your fave make the cut? Let me know in the comments down below!

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    1. omg same there my fav. i mean they got the rest wrong0-0 cmon disney really you couldn’t put in all the blood lmao ok I get why now #Disney

  1. Grandma Fa gets ALL my love. I love her IDGAF attitude, willingness to say what others aren’t and her SASS. All the sass. She also always reminded me of my own grandmothers– she’s a legit PERFECT blend of my maternal Gramma and paternal Grandma! 🤣

    That said, I love everything you wrote hereeee! Such a fun post! And I love how you included Jim! I also just recently showered some love on Treasure Planet in one of my own articles. It’s such an underrated gem! https://www.thatmomentin.com/5-underrated-animated-movies-better-live-action/

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