JST FRNDS’ latest track is a slice of pop perfection (Song Review)

JST FRNDS show me yours review all night long need me spotify

If there’s one song you need to add to your ‘summer bops 🔥🔥’ playlist (no, just me?), it’s ‘Show Me Yours’ by the powerhouse pop-duo JST FRNDS. Following on from the success of their smash hit ‘All Night Long’, the duo are back, and it’s a track that you’re gonna want to play again and again.

Taking influence from the age of minimalist pop (think ‘Strip That Down’ meets ‘If You’re Over Me’), ‘Show Me Yours’ manages to chase current trends whilst allowing JST FRNDS to retain their own sense of musical identity. And it’s a wonderfully winning combo.


jst frnds show me yours review all night long need me pop music review


The strong vocals from Callie Dixon and Gabe Neal merge together beautifully, sounding like melted caramel. Out of their three tracks so far, this one showcases their voices best, particularly Neal’s, giving him the lead on this one. He manages to juxtapose the low, gravelly yet smooth notes of the song with the wild high notes, all while making it seem effortless.

‘Show Me Yours’ builds upon layer upon layer, granting you the feeling you get when you’re at a party after one or two (or six or seven) shots and you hear that one tune that you just want to blast from the rooftops and dance the night away. This is that song. By the time the final chorus rolls around it’s impossible not to get caught up in its pure joyous melody.


“A beautiful display of modern poetry”


One of the highlights of the light bop is the saxophone solo midway through. It’s just genius. Just when you thought the song couldn’t get any funkier – BAM – a sax solo. Pure pop perfection.

The lyrics themselves shine through the song, too. “I’m something captivated / by you and your scars.” It’s something we can all relate to, the tentative baby footsteps you take at the start of a new relationship, scared of taking the risk of truly opening up for fear of rejection. But, as JST FRNDS say, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”, an invitation of being open and transparent with each other in the neverending quest for love. The delivery of the lines reflects the deeper meaning in the lyrics, spoken softly and tentatively, hoping that they won’t let each other down. A beautiful display of modern poetry.

jst frnds show me yours review all night long need me pop music electro pop

The production of the track shines through in its own right, too, injecting a zest of personality that summarises the entire tune. In terms of the melody and structure, this song could slot into any genre – it could’ve been a hard-hitting power ballad, or a piano-based love song, for example. But choosing to take it in the direction of a light, minimalist pop tune was definitely the right decision, it releases the feeling of ecstasy in the listeners’ ears that encapsulates the very same feeling the two lovers in the song are describing. For any other up-and-coming artist, it would be oh-so-easy to simply release a vapid yet catchy song in the vague hopes of achieving some sort of stardom.

JST FRNDS, however, bridge that unique gap between putting out earworms and chasing popularity, by releasing earworms that actually have meaning and punch. Sure, it’s a summery electro-pop song, but it’s one that tells a story. And it’s here that their true talent lies. That, added to the fact that the duo are able to write songs that would shine in any sort of genre really displays their undeniable talent.


jst frnds show me yours need you all night long review


Listen, if anyone deserves to blow up on the music scene, it’s JST FRNDS. With just three tracks under their belt they’ve somehow managed to show us a sense of musical diversity whilst managing to create a brand, something that’s almost impossible to do in this age of streaming. They really are diamonds in the rough.

There’s only one issue, though… I’m left wanting more! Album, please? Check the song out for yourself on Spotify right here. Or, for more on JST FRNDS’ music, check out my review of their debut ‘Need You’ and the smash-hit ‘All Night Long’ – which has amassed over 14 million streams!

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