You need to binge ‘Dead To Me’ immediately (Review)

dead to me review dead to me netflix judy jen

Another day, another series on Netflix that I have no choice but to binge watch in an entire sitting. Sigh. Why does Netflix keep doing this to me?!


This show is a little different from the norm, in that it tends to jump around in tone and genre. One moment it’s a light-hearted comedy, the next it’s making you fight back tears, then a minute later you’re watching a woman smash up a car with a golf club. Just trust me when I say that it’s a wild ride from start to finish.


dead to me netflix dead to me review jen judy


So, what’s the show all about, then? Basically, it follows a woman – Jen – whose husband died in a hit and run incident, who balances being a real-estate agent, a mother and vigilante, attempting to keep her shit together whilst searching for her husband’s killer in an attempt to bring him to justice.


Simple enough, right? Not quite. The show also deals with her attending grief counselling meetings, where she befriends the flakey but well-meaning Judy. It’s here where the true dynamic of the show shines. Their friendship is the fundamental hook of the series. Seeing the two polar opposites bounce off each other is fantastic to watch. Jen – played by the brilliant Christina Applegate – is a down to earth, cynical, jaded woman who doesn’t take any shit from anyone. Not her sons, not her mother-in-law, not the vapid bitch who’s attempting to buy a house from her. Nobody’s safe from her wrath. Judy (Linda Cardellini), on the other hand, is completely the opposite. She’s an open-minded, optimistic free-spirit, who tries to see the good in everything.


There’s one brilliant scene where she’s attempting to clean out a room of spirits with incensce, while Jen looks on muttering “what the fuck?”. It’s such a simple moment, but it’s one that epitomises the entire premise of the show – the dysfunctionality of it all is what makes it so oddly appealing.



It’s also nice to see a show featuring two strong female leads who don’t fall into stereotypes, or into petty catfights. I mean it is 2019, so it’s only acceptable that that’s the case. The two actresses are a delight to see interact together, whether they’re at a grief retreat (with Jen getting black-out drunk and Judy reluctantly attempting to get laid), or driving through the streets of LA listening to Jen’s heavy metal. You can tell that the two enjoy being together, and thanks to a witty, sharp script and a compelling performance from both of the women, it’s a roaring success. They have a complex, compelling and at times infuritating relationship, and – aside from the obvious issues they have – they’re totally BFF goals.


The plot itself is amazing in itself, too. Without going into spoiler territory, there are literally so many twists and turns throughout the 10-episode span that it’s actually anxiety-inducing. There’s a massive twist in episode 1 that would’ve been perfectly sufficent as the big season finale twist. But not in this show, nope. It’s like watching an accident unfolding in front of your eyes that you just can’t take your eyes off.


Netflix has confirmed that our favourite gals are back for a Season 2, and I, for one, can’t wait!

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