The dream set-list for Gaga’s Enigma residency

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She’s heading to Vegas, baby! That’s right, the Queen of Pop has finally put tickets on sale for her two-year Vegas residency, split into two types of shows – ‘Enigma’, which promises to be a celebration of her biggest hits and more (more? As in, new music? Yes please) – and a Jazz and Piano engagement, a more low-key (if that even applies to Gaga) affair, presumably featuring acoustic hits and highlights from her jazz repertoire.

All us Monsters have to do now is wait for our dates – the first year running from December 2018 until November 2019 – with yet another year of shows yet to be announced.

With nothing but time on our hands, we can’t help but ponder what songs from her five albums will make the cut, so Screen Streams have devised a dream set-list designed to pleased Monsters and casual fans alike.


ACT I: The Enigma Herself


C’mon, the residency is literally called Enigma. What better way to open the show than with a song that starts with Gaga maniacally laughing? Besides, the track has the lyrics ‘enigma pop star is fun / she wear burqa for fashion’. The high-energy track from ARTPOP is the perfect way to set her shows off with a bang.



Born This Way

Riding off the loud, typically Gaga-esque ARTPOP opener, Born This Way is the perfect song to carry on that momentum – while giving more casual fans a song they can sing along too. Besides, Born This Way is one of the most career defining songs of her entire career, so it has to come pretty high up in the set-list for this Monster to be satisfied.



Fan-favourite track Scheiße is a female-empowerment anthem with a fist-pumping beat and a catchy chorus unlike another track in her discography. Gaga herself once pushed for this track to be a single, but her label wouldn’t allow it. What better way to ‘celebrate’ all of the things that make us different than a synth-based track filled with faux-German? It’s classic Gaga, and it needs to make the cut.



Yep, another fan favourite. But Venus is such a gem in her discography it simply can’t be ignored. ‘Aphrodite lady seashell bikini’ are iconic lyrics, and ones that have to make it to the stage of Vegas.


lady gaga enigma setlist gaga vegas a star is born born this way


ACT II: The Lover

Poker Face/Just Dance

The two tracks that catapulted Lady Gaga into a household name. A mash-up or medley of sorts would work well for these two songs, celebrating her origins into stardom, with two tracks that still go hard.



Could you imagine if she brought out Beyoncé for one of her dates? The crowd (and the internet, probably), would lose their god damn minds. Honestly, it’s a crime against pop music that the two of them have never performed it live together. Still, Telephone is a nice, light bop that made it to her Superbowl set-list, and is a great tune for fans to dance along to.



Dancin’ In Circles

Her latest album Joanne was a mellow affair, aside from a sprinkling of tracks that still hit hard. Dancin’ In Circles is one of these bangers and, although it is highly unlikely she’ll include it in the set-list (it wasn’t even a single, though it should’ve been!) there’s no harm in holding out hope she’ll perform it for the fans.


Bad Romance

I mean, duh. The day Gaga doesn’t perform the track that solidified her position as a badass bitch in the music industry is a day I no longer want to see. Seeing her perform it on the stage of Vegas will be a defining moment in her career, one I can’t wait to see.


lady gaga enigma setlist vegas setlist lady gaga a star is born born this way


ACT III: The Star

The Edge of Glory

The banger from Born This Way that showed the world that she can sing. It’s both a fan-favourite and a commercial success alike – one that’s a staple song in Gaga’s ever-growing discography.


Perfect Illusion

Joanne’s lead – no matter how mixed it reception may have been – is a still a sick song, and one that Little Monsters from around the world will relish the chance of dancing and singer their hearts out to on the Strip.




It may not be as iconic at that VMAs performance back in 2009, but seeing Gaga throwback to her debut album with a song as unique as Paparazzi is something that just has to happen.


Million Reasons / You And I

Time for Gaga to take a seat on that piano and sing her little heart out – the tune that was a definite highlight when she performed it at the Superbowl this year. Get up on that Vegas stage and sing it, girl! Maybe with a medley of You And I mixed into it  – if that’s not too much to ask?

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ACT IV: The Artist


Imagine it – the lights dim, the stage is vacant, and all you can hear is Gaga’s ghostly “ohs” before declaring her love for Judas. A controversial song? Absolutely. But one of her best? Most definitely. Hopefully she won’t pay it dust.


The Cure 

A more recent release – standalone single The Cure shows a polished, more refined Lady – one that her loyal Monsters welcomed with open arms. It’s a change in sound for Gaga, sonically, but it’s still a hit that both old and new fans loved. Maybe it hints at the sound of LG6? Who knows.



Marry The Night

An iconic song – the tale of how Gaga rose to the fame she’s now achieved. While it didn’t chart as highly as her other singles did, Marry The Night is a favourite of Gaga’s, and it’s the perfect choice to be the penultimate song at her residency.



I mean, was there really any other choice? Applause is the perfect show closure, where fans and Gaga can both dance and sing and scream one last time before the applause fades and the curtains are drawn.

I mean, there are so, so many tracks I’d love to add to this set-list. Mary Jane Holland is one of my favourite Gaga songs of all time, Hair is an absolute banger of an anthem, Dance In The Dark is a sultry, sexy tune – but unfortunately we can’t have Gaga up on stage for hours and hours on end (oh, if only).

There’s also the chance she may slip in some tracks from the ‘A Star Is Born’ soundtrack (Hair Body Face please!) – and perhaps some hits from Cheek To Cheek or her and Tony’s upcoming album. They, however, may be more suited for the jazz and piano engagement she’s promising – but I guess we won’t know until the Lady hits the stage herself.

So there we have it! There’s my dream set-list for ‘Enigma’, for die-hard and casual fans alike. What do you think? Leave your ideal set in the comments below!

Enigma has launched! Check out my review of the show – and see if my dream set-list came to pass!

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