Spooktacular titles to binge on Netflix this Halloween

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Autumn’s here! The leaves are falling, pumpkin spice lattes are brewing and there’s a chill wind in the air. It can only mean one thing… Halloween’s just around the corner, and Screen Streams have got you covered to satisfy your horror-based appetite. Grab a hot chocolate, grab a blanket (to hide under, we don’t judge) and get ready to binge.

American Horror Story

Best shows to watch on Netflix this Halloween horror american horror story ahs autumn spooky
Courtesy of FX

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably seen (or at least heard) of American Horror Story. It’s a huge cult success (no pun intended), stylised as an anthology series where each season focuses on a specific setting. The Emmy-winning drama is filled with sick villains, grotesque torture scenes and dark, gloomy settings. It’s also got a star-studded cast, featuring Golden Globe winning Jessica Lange and Lady Gaga, not to mention the one and only Kathy Bates.

Screen Streams pick would be seasons 2 and 3: Asylum and Coven – Asylum for a heavier horror experience, playing on psychological and human fears and Coven for a less intense, but more supernatural affair.


Black Mirror

halloween shows on netflix spooky horror black mirror metalhead scary thriller
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Another anthology-based titled, though this one is episodic. Black Mirror explores the concept of technology, and how us as humans use it in sick and twisted ways. Leaning more into psychological/thriller genres than outright horror, Black Mirror hits hard – its emotional impact will leave you thinking about society and human nature for days after you watch it. In fact, some of it can be hard to stomach, so we recommend only watching an episode or two at a time to fully digest the hard-hitting content.

Our pick for the ultimate Halloween viewing are: Playtest (S3, E2), Shut Up And Dance (S3, E3), White Bear (S2, E2), Crocodile (S4, E3) and Metalhead (S4, E5).



Circle Netflix Halloween horror film horror tv shows halloween shows thriller ahs black mirror
Courtesy of Netflix

Circle is quite an unusual movie, with an interesting premise. The psychological thriller features fifty strangers waking up in a strange room; where one of them dies every two minutes. They can save one – and select who’s next up for execution. It’s a dark look into human nature – and makes you question just how far your morals would carry you if you found yourself in a similar situation. Perfect for those dark October nights when you’re looking to spark up that spooky vibe.



halloween shows to watch on netflix horror films to watch on netflix this halloween autumn spooky scream ahs american horror story black mirror thriller circle
Courtesy of Netflix

Based on the iconic slasher film of the same name, Netflix Original Scream keeps you guessing at each and every turn. It’s dark, gritty and filled with gruesome murders – the perfect concoction to get that I-don’t-wanna-get-up-and-pee-by-myself-at-3am kinda feeling. Everyone in this show is a suspect. And, more importantly, any of them could be a victim. Strap in for a gruesome ride.


The Purge

creepy horror to watch on netflix halloween films to watch on netflix horrors on netflix the purge ahs american horror story the purge black mirror panic room doctor who blink halloween
Courtesy of Universal

Creepy masks? Check. Acts of gruesome violence? Check. A look into the dark side of human nature? Triple check. The Purge takes a look into morality – making the spookiest thing about this film very real indeed – the humans behind it. For one night a year, all crimes are made legal – which, of course, ensues chaos, crime and death. The Purge is the kind of film that makes you think about what you would do in a similar situation, and makes you want to lock up the doors and windows and stay safely tucked up in bed. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must watch – and what better time than at Halloween?


Panic Room

spooky horrors to watch on netflix this halloween halloween horrors halloween netflix what to watch on netflix this halloween panic room ahs black mirror american horror story scream the purge doctor who blink
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Panic Room is a classic thriller, starring Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart as a mother and daughter who hide in their – you guessed it – panic room from three house intruders. It’s a nail-biting, anxiety-inducing hour and fifty-three minutes, one that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride. Again, it’s less horror than perhaps other titles that are available, and once more focuses on the cruelty of humanity as opposed to supernatural horrors. But, after all, aren’t the horrors that could actually happen the scariest of all?


Doctor Who

horror films to watch on netflix what to watch on halloween panic room american horror story ahs the circle scream blink doctor who 3x10 weeping angels the purge black mirror scary spooky halloween october panic room
Courtesy of BBC

Okay, okay. Doctor Who isn’t all fun and games, alright? Sometimes it tackles tough themes and occasionally – just occasionally – it can scare the living crap out of you. There’s one episode in particular, Blink, which’ll even give a few adults that creepy unsettling feeling in their stomach. With a cryptic warning from David Tennant’s Time Lord, this one-of-a-kind episode centres around a character we’ve never met before, who battles the Weeping Angels. Horrific stone statues that’ll send you back in time with just a touch, they’re one of Doctor Who’s most iconic villains. If you’ve never seen the show before, this episode is a great introduction.

Of course, there’s plenty of heavier horror stuff for you die-hard spook-fans to get a hold of, which is only a click away on Netflix. Ouija: Origin of Evil, Insidious, Leatherface, Hush, Mama and so many more are ready and waiting to scare you senseless. Just search ‘horror’ in Netflix’s search bar and a whole array of other titles will pop up! Happy watching, Streamers, and remember to beware of things that go bump in the night…


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