JST FRNDS will have you up All Night Long (Song Review)

JST FRNDS all night long song review need you

Have you ever discovered a song that you instantly fell in love with, from the very first syllable, one that you just couldn’t wait to replay? JST FRNDS’ second single ‘All Night Long’ ticked that box for me, a perfect concoction of dark-synth-electro-pop.

The song paints an image of vacant New York apartments, of rainy city streets, flickering fluorescent lights and tousled bed sheets; of the black screens of phones reflecting the death of a relationship. For a song that totals at 3:36, it’s quite a feat to do, but the young lovers do so perfectly.


JST FRNDS ALl Night Long Song Review


If it was a cocktail, ‘All Night Long’ would be that one your friend ordered for you while you weren’t looking; dark and sultry and filled with something that tastes like spiced rum; with just a splash of something sugary sweet, something that matches the flashing club lights as your mind wanders to lost loves.

Lyrically, ‘All Night Long’ has little genius gems: “You can call me crazy / I’ll just call you baby.” (Which weirdly gave me Taylor Swift vibes, for all the right reasons); along with poignant nuggets that hit you right in the gut: “I just can’t learn to love someone else.”

The production really stands out on this track, from the humble beginnings that put Callie Marie’s vocals at the front and centre to ease you in, before building up gently through the verses where Gabe Neal tells his side of the story, until the infectious chorus kicks in and takes over, making you want to ditch everything, throw your hands up to the sky and just dance all night long.


jst frnds all night long song review need you


The song is a metaphor in itself; the lyrics take you on a journey of yearning for a lover who has long since moved on. Or, so they would have you believe. The female/male dynamic allows us to see the story from either side; of two lovers wishing they could move on from each other but simply can’t bring themselves to do so. The sound of the track represents this, also, from sombre, sad voices to the danced-focused breakdown in the chorus – when they declare “I’ll love you all night long”, resigning to the fact they’ll spend their time into the dark hours of the night pining for each other.

The altered vocal effect is a clever touch, too. It’s not too over the top, but shows that they’re not in their right frame of mind when they’re hitting each other up “at 2am”. We’ve all been there, right?


JST FRNDS All Night Long Song Review Need You


You can genuinely hear the pining in their voices, too, bringing a sense of sincerity to the track. The delicate vocals of Marie compliment the sultry sounds of Neal’s voice perfectly. Neither fight for the spotlight, instead, they share the song, allowing each other to shine through in gentle, instrinsic ways. It’s through this that the band create a sense of intimacy (with, I might add, only two tracks to their name!), which really sets them apart from their contemporaries. With each listen of the track it’s as if you’re being invited to peak behind the curtain, to see a hidden glimpse at the dynamics of the relationship of the young singers, and it’s something truly special.

When I reviewed JST FRNDS’ debut track ‘Need You’, I knew the duo would put out some high-brow, quality pop music, and ‘All Night Long’ only reinforces that idea. With a potential EP release on the cards this year, and with talks of music videos on their way, I can’t wait to see what they deliver next.

Check out JST FRNDS’ latest track below on Spotify, and be sure to add them to your summer playlists! Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the track in the comments, too! To check out their latest smash, ‘Show Me Yours’, click right here!


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