‘Need You’ makes us want to be more than JST FRNDS (Review)

Reminiscent of The Chainsmokers meets Halsey (wait… that actually happened), JST FRNDS perfectly capture what listeners are looking for in a good pop song, without selling out who they are as a brand.

‘Need You’ is one of those tracks that is a true ear-worm, the infectious chorus wiggles its way into you mind so that you’re singing it for the remainder of the day, attempting to hum the electronic beat along with the poignant hook of the track. Contrary to most catchy pop songs, though, this one doesn’t get tiresome. You’ll find yourself hitting repeat on this one a fair few times – the track feels as though it’s over before it’s even begun, leaving you begging for more.

The song is effortless; light and ethereal, as if they’re singing it off the cuff; from a place of true emotion. You can hear the sincerity in their voices, complimenting the tale they weave with the lyrics: “You complete me / You make me stronger / I just hope you need me / Like I need you.”



By mixing electro-pop with relatable lyrics, power-couple JST FRNDS burst onto the music scene with a punchy pop-hit that practically oozes with palpable chemistry. 



Callie Dixon and Gabe Neal’s voices compliment each other flawlessly, like two halves of a perfect puzzle coming together to fill your ears with their sultry tale of hesitant love. Ironically, the Atlanta-based pair are anything but just friends – they’re a couple outside of their pop-duo endeavours – which makes sense. You can practically feel the chemistry between the duo oozing through every note and syllable in the track; a hidden love letter to each other on their journey to success. 


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The young lovers have hit over 20,000 streams on Spotify in just a month


The pair started from humble beginnings,  they both embarked as solo artists when, as is such in the age of the modern fairytale, they stumbled upon each other’s Instagram accounts. After feeling a connection with each other, they embarked on a tour in 2017; which was sadly cut short due to a serious car accident. As they recovered, they truly began to understand their musical desires and the intimate connection they had with each other, and thus JST FRNDS was born.

With over 20,000 streams on Spotify, JST FRNDS are definitely ones to keep an eye on. With an impactful first single; both lyrically and sonically, the power-couple are sure to take the alternative-pop genre by storm. 

‘Need You’ is the perfect song to add to your summer playlist; ideal for chill nights under the stars with a bonfire blazing with nothing but the haunting, ethereal lyrics for company. Check out the track below on JST FRNDS’ Spotify account. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the song in the comments! Or, for more on JST FRNDS, check out my review of ‘All Night Long’, or check out their latest smash ‘Show Me Yours’.


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