7 hidden Netflix tricks you need to know

How to remove shows from Netflix continue watching how to remove shows from Netflix watch list

Let’s face it, Netflix isn’t the most customisable of apps. Your watchlist never seems to be in the same place, you’ve still got the credits of that one movie you watched three months ago hogging up your continue watching queue, and for the eighth time you do NOT want to watch The Crown, no matter how many times you recommend it.

Thankfully, there are ways around the annoying Netflix habits; and Screen Streams is here to give you the insider scoop on how to get your account looking sleek and sharp, customised exactly the way you want it.


Deleting shows off your Watchlist

So you binge watched every episode of Gilmore Girls in a week and now you’re hanging your head in shame, or perhaps you just couldn’t wait to watch the next episode of Dead To Me when your best friend got home from work – but now everyone will you’re a Netflix cheat! Worry not, there’s a way to clear items from your continue watching queue, whether its to clear the annoying credits left on a film or to hide your guilty-pleasure binges. (We’re not judging).

To remove the unwanted clutter from your Watchlist, you’re going to have to use your laptop or desktop computer. Head to this website, log in, and voila! Every single thing you’ve ever watched on Netflix will appear, right down to the day. Including those infamous Netflix Originals! To get rid of a title, simply click the ‘x’ on the right hand side and it vanishes forever, lost to the internet abyss.


how to change subtitles on netflix how to remove shows from Netflix continue watching queue how to delete shows from netflix list
Visit your activity log to edit your Netflix history


Don’t forget you can download shows!

Ever been stuck on a commute, just itching to get home to watch the next episode of Archer? Well, now you can watch it on the go! All it takes it a little bit of foresight. When you’re connected to WiFi (or on data, if you have a gigantic phone plan), open up the Netflix app and search for the show you wish to download. Next to each episode is a neat little download button. Tap that, and you can now watch the show even when you’re not connected to the internet. Perfect for squeezing in a binge sesh on the otherwise dreary commute to work.

Do note, however, that not every show is available to download, so for some titles you’ll have to wait until you’re back in the comfort of your own home. Click the available to download section to see the full list.


how to download shows on netflix how to download films on netflix how to delete shows from netflix downloading netflix on the go downloding netflix shows watchlist continue watching netflix help screen streams
Netflix makes it easy to download shows and films to watch on the go


Change your Netflix subtitles

A little known piece of Netflix trivia is that you can change the appearance of subtitles, for those foreign film fans among you (or, if you just enjoy having the subtitles on to soak up all the extra background info).

To alter your subtitle options simply go to Your Account  and under ‘Your Profile’ click on ‘Subtitle Appearance’. You can change the font, the size of the text, the shadow surrounding it and even the background colour.

You can even get them in the dreaded Comic Sans! Hurrah!


Do note, however, that these settings will change across all users on all devices; so it’ll affect the subtitles that other users on your account see, too.


How to change Netflix subtitles how to change Netflix continue watching netflix help screen streams
Why would you even want this font?


Discover hidden sub-genres

Are you looking for a Biographical Drama from the 1950s? What about a selection of films by a particular director?

There are literally hundreds of sub-genres hidden in the depths of Netflix’s code. To access them, hit this site and scroll to your heart’s content to really specify your viewing habits.

how to view hidden netflix genres how to delete a show from continue watching on netflix how to download shows on netflix how to netflix help screen streams
Netflix has hundreds of extra genres hidden away in its coding


Sign up for Netflix changes

Want to be ahead of the curve in any changes heading to Netflix? Well, you’re in luck. Click on Your Account and the Test Participation link and turn the slider to ‘on’. Now you’ll be the first to trial new ways Netflix rolls out it’s service. Neat, right?

how to sign up for netflix participation how to delete shows from netflix how to delete movies from netflix how to download shows on netflix netflix help screen streams
You can sign up to be the first to try Netflix’s changes


Mix up those Netflix recommendations

Long gone are the days when you could rate shows on Netflix out of five stars. Now, it’s a nice and simple thumbs up and thumbs down button to tell Netflix what kind of shows and movies you like. If you click on the thumbs down button on a particular show, Netflix will stop recommending it for you on your homepage. You can still search for it though, so if you have a change of heart it isn’t lost to the deep, dark internet abyss forever.

Sometimes, the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons are accompanied by a percentage. This figure is generated through algorithms of what they think you’re likely to enjoy based on your past viewing habits – not what it has been rated as a whole by other members. The more you rate shows, the better recommendations you’ll get!

how to change netflix recommendations how to delete a show from netflix list how to change netflix continue watching how to delete netflix history netflix help screen streams
Don’t forget to rate your content on Netflix!


Edit your playback options

Ever been two episodes deep into Riverdale, and suddenly notice the streaming quality has severely declined? Well, there are ways to get around this. On a computer, press Ctrl, Alt, Shift and S and a hidden menu will appear, showing the bitrate used while you’re streaming. Picking two of these options will mean your streams are constantly displayed within these settings – but it may slow your internet down; so choose wisely.

Alternatively, you can also try watching shows at unusual hours when the bandwidth isn’t as loaded. Y’know, just in case you needed another excuse to be watching Rupaul’s Drag Race at 3am. It’s totally justified.

How to change Netflix playback options how to delete a show from netflix how to download a show on netflix how to guide netflix
You can alter the bitrate your shows are streamed in


Also, if you’re paying extra for a HD plan then ensure you’re actually watching your shows in HD. Otherwise that’d be slightly embarassing. To check, visit Netflix.com/HDToggle. Here, you can also choose whether episodes start automatically or not (come on, you know you need the next episode of iZombie to start in 5 seconds…)

Netflix is always changing the way their service works, from introducing new system ratings to new watchlists; so be ever on the lookout for ways to update your streaming habits. Now that you’re armed with your new Netflix knowledge, go and stream to your heart’s content! For more on Netflix, check out what exactly a Netflix Original is

For more tips on all things to do with streaming, check out my 7 hidden Spotify tricks you need to know.



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  1. As an egor netflix user, this post was an interesting one. The fact things move around a lot on there is annoying though. Thanks for sharing these tips/tricks

  2. Good article. I need to log on to my laptop to look for those hidden genres. I didn’t know about the Netflix changes or subtitles either. Thanks for the good info.

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