Allie X to release new song ‘Focus’ this Friday

Allie X, real name Alexandra Hughes, dropped a bombshell to fans today by announcing she’s releasing a new track called ‘Focus’, coming this Friday. Eek!

The ‘Paper Love’ singer took to Reddit to deliver the news to her ‘favourite’ fans; a rather intimate move by announcing it to the niche forum as opposed to her 50,000 Twitter followers, claiming it’s an “introduction to what might be next”. The singer’s known for her light, indie/electro pop tracks, with her debut single ‘Catch’ being dubbed Katy Perry’s summer jam.

Allie X claimed on Reddit that she’s been inspired by 90’s style tracks as of late, giving us a slight insight into what her new sound may be. She also stated the sound of the track is “apocalyptic-chique”, inspired by her surrealized version of LA, conjuring up quite the eargasmic treat. When asked whether the song will be part of an album set to be released this year, the singer said she had ‘something planned’. New album or not, we’ll take whatever shes’s serving us! Whether the song is a single or not remains to be seen, Allie previously released ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ for free, originally intended to be a non-album song; though it later wound up on the record.


Allie X Focus Review Album
Allie took to /r/popheads to announce the news


The ‘Casanova’ songstress is following more modern music trends by releasing music more frequently. In the age of digital streaming, it’s important now more than ever to keep audiences and fanbases engaged with content. Her first full-length debut record, ‘CollXtion II’ was released in February last year, to a good critical reception. Since then, while working on her own new tracks, she’s also written songs for Troye Sivan.

 She claims the ‘X’ in her name is inspired by that in algebra, a metaphor of a journey of unsolved identity.

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